Benefits of My Ho’oponopono Practice For 12 Years

I’ve been practicing Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian healing technique for nearly 12 years after learning it at a workshop led by Dr. Joe Vitale in 2006. It has added a tremendous value to my spiritual growth.

In addition to the physical and emotional healings, it has opened me to explore my artistic & creative desires at a deeper level and brought me a unique, mystical experience that lead to the development of my iLoVeU image over 10 years and the creation of my iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards. (read about art cards below).

Ho’oponopono can help you improve your life too and with regular practice, miracles or “benefits” occur consistently.

A few miracle benefits from my Ho’oponopono practice!

#1 Flickering Lights

Within the first two weeks of practicing I experienced a shift in my thinking related to an issue with a multi-billion dollar, ergonomic, consulting client. I had been angry after they broke our contract, causing a large reduction of income that was devastating.

Ho’oponopono shifted my perspective.

During a conversation, “flickering lights” appeared in the distance and I was the only one who could see them. It was truly mystical!

Energy moved through my body and then I experienced an instant aha about my contract.

It’s difficult to explain in mere words. If I choose to make a movie I can create a fun visual effect 🙂 and for now I’ll say, I was transformed in that moment and I knew it was from my Ho’oponopono practice.

#2 Mystical Vision of my iLoVeU image

15 months after beginning my practice of Ho’oponopono, I was at the Magic Show, a wholesale clothing show in Las Vegas helping my boyfriend write orders. Suddenly, a mystical vision of my iLoVeU image practically pushed me off  my chair and led to a series of mystical experiences over several days.

The incredibly powerful experience and has served as a catalyst to recreate the image in various forms such as my iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards.

I advanced my Ho’oponopono practice after caring for my mom and could feel my joy returning and one morning as I opened my eyes I received a vision of the art cards.

#3 Healed Back Pain

One afternoon I pulled a muscle in my lower back. The pain was immediate and I could barely pick myself up from the floor. I immediately recited “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

I repeated this mantra consistently for a week and took no other action. At first, I could barely walk and as I practiced, I imagined the Ho’oponopono working miracles and each day I felt better until the pain was gone by the end of the week.

I clean on practically everything!

It has become 2nd nature to me to begin “cleaning” (practice the technique by repeating one of the mantras listed below) when an issue has been brought into my awareness even when it appears to have nothing to do with me. It actually does because I am a co-creator with you and the divine so I take responsibility and clean and it helps everyone.

When we clean, we are erasing the subconscious memories (programming) that are causing situations to replay in our life. The cleaning brings us to the “zero state” or what is referred to as the “white board” where an inspiration, aha or instant shift can zing us.

When people share stories about their challenges, when I hear sad things and many other things , I say the mantra. I’m so grateful for this technique and for the numerous benefits over the years.

Your Ho’oponopono practice will create the experiences you are meant to have based upon your life and will be quite different than mine.

There is no need to state how we want things to happen. The Divine knows the big picture and when we take responsibility by cleaning and letting go of the outcome, the Divine delivers. We must pay attention and take immediate, inspired action!

Ho’oponopono can guide you to be your own guru (all the answers are inside you) depending on how often you practice with or without my iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards.

One way to “clean” or practice without my iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards:

Repeat omthe following mantra while focusing on the issue you desire resolution on.

I Love You

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

How to practice with my iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards:

I developed these art cards from a strong divine inspiration over the past several months, that same inspiration guides me how to use the art cards for best results.

Each of the cards contains symbolism that came out while I was drawing this series. At the time I had no idea I’d be doing anything with them.

Mainly I was looking for emotional relief from the grief of discovering my mothers dementia diagnosis. I practiced my Ho’oponopono which led me to draw and practice while drawing.

There was a three year gestation period between starting the original drawings and receiving the divine inspiration to make a product from them.

This new inspiration came after a deepening of my Ho’oponopono practice and a desire to feel better emotionally after new challenges arose relating to my mom’s care.

I asked the divine for something specific and a few short weeks later I received my answer. I was guided to make these cards. In the design process I began noticing the symbolism in my art and became aware of the stories associated with many of the pieces.

New information about these art cards continues to flow to me so they are basically a work in progress and as I receive new information I will share with you as I can.

Be on the lookout for an introductory video below including an invite to a free, video series where I share about each of the 10 art cards in this collection.

I am so excited to share so much more with you because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this practice.

Let me know of any questions you may have and if you want your own set of iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards at the introductory price order –> here


Hurricane Harvey Story

I’ve experienced a few hurricanes.

Alicia in 1983 was practically a non-event for me. I couldn’t sleep and in the middle of the night I listened and watched the wind literally “throw the rain” against the window in loud, hard splashes.

I kept repeating “Wow!”

My electricity remained on, so no disruption there and since I lived in an apartment I had zero cleanup. Being so young, I doubt I even prepared beyond placing tape on my windows.

Alicia created widespread damage and I was all cozied up in my tiny home.

Hurricane Ike in 2008 was an entirely different story. I actually wrote a blog post as Ike was beginning its move through Houston and you can read it here. This was the beginning of what I call my “Owning My Empowerment” journey.

Ike Aftermath was LIFE CHANGING. Holy Shit.

The awareness of it all has been palpable for years and for some reason I have not shared that story and I’m now in the middle of writing it. It’s coming really soon.

Ike prepared me for Harvey and beyond and that’s where I’m going now…

My Harvey experience began the day after the eclipse. Connection? Absolutely, and that’s a separate blog post too.

So yeah, the day people were starting their trecks home from Oregon and numerous points along the 70 mile wide eclipse “totality viewing area” area across the US I heard vague information about a possible hurricane.

The first thing I did was check my Facebook flood group I’ve been a member of since the 2015 Memorial Day flood to get a pulse of the “floodie” community in Houston. I noticed a post from a Marriott sales manager about discounts for people to ride out the storm in the hotel.

“Yikes” I thought.

I immediately spoke with my father and suggested the idea of him checking into a hotel before the storm. He flooded three previous times, each one about 4 inches or so and based on the rain predictions I knew there would be much more water and my Dad would be stuck upstairs.

Of course I knew he would reject this idea, so when he did, I let it go and spoke with extended family members, who suggested I make the reservation. So that was my plan.

Then shortly thereafter, my father said to me, “You know what? Go ahead and book the reservation and here’s my card #. Book two rooms.”

Three days later my dad, dog and I checked into the hotel. Yet, what ensued within that 3 day period, OH, my.

If you’ve ever prepared for a hurricane you know
it takes a lot of physical work. And sometimes
the stress of it all creates additional challenges.

First, I headed to the store for nonperishable food and water and I ran into my Dad! He was buying water. He never buys water so that surprised me. I then cleaned out much of the food in my pantry and my Dad’s and packed it in grocery bags. I seriously thought the hotel stay would only be a week or so and it seemed like I was over packing. Thank goodness I didn’t question my actions. Intuition rules.

I checked on my mom in her memory care home and made sure she had enough meds and gluten free foods and gave her a big hug and kiss. They were staying in place and I felt confident she was very safe and taken care of. They have a generator and are near the medical center and have better drainage in that area, thank goodness.

Now time for the physical work. I told my dad I would take care of everything and somewhere in there I suggested we move some of the dining room chairs on the shelf connected to the Ikea desk.

Well, my dad apparently liked that idea and chose to move two of the chairs on his own and didn’t realize what happened when he knocked over the brass candlestick until the next day. A neighbor noticed that the front window was broken. Yep.

I called my dad over to look at the window and he said “Oh my. I did that.”
I said “How did you do it?
And he responded “When I was moving the chairs up on the shelf.”
And I said “Dad, I told you I would take care of it!” He gave me a half smile like “I goofed.”
“No worries Dad. I’ll get it fixed.”

I had to get it fixed, somehow. And fast.

I called several glass stores to see who could come out and repair the window. But this was the Friday before the storm, the rain had already begun and they were booked solid. So I had a piece of glass cut, carefully brought it to my Dad’s and taped it up all along the sides. It worked.

And in the middle of all that a 30+ year client placed an important order, so Friday in the middle of picking up that custom glass to fix the window I travelled across the city to pick up a check so that I could order the product before the storm. Whew!

Finally, after nonstop preparing, Friday night my Dad and I settled into our rooms and walked to iHop for dinner. We had turkey! IMG_20170825_213825802

Then he called me at 11pm and said “I have a problem.”
“Yeeess” I said.
“I left my bag of meds at the condo.”
“Are you kidding me, Dad?”
“Wish I was.”
“I’ll go now.”
“No, I don’t want you to go so late.”

Reluctantly, I agreed and the next morning I checked the FB flood group to get a current pulse on what was going on from neighbors in the area.

The resident meteorologist said
“Streets are already flooding in the area.
Do you have an SUV?”

Panicking I said “No I don’t have one anymore!”
Now what?

Someone suggested calling the pharmacy and to order new meds after detailing the situation and I considered that, except for the fact my dad also packed specific supplements in that bag too.

Then someone in the flood group with a van (that ended up flooding) kindly offered to meet me somewhere so we could both go to my dad’s to pick up his meds. I started to feel a little bit better and very supported. She told me she would contact me in a while after her husband woke up since she has small kids.

Then I thought “What if I venture out a short distance to see how the roads are in the area?”

I drove down the feeder and entered the freeway and didn’t see any flooding down below, so I exited and drove down the long street my father lives on and the roads were clear. I arrived at my dad’s condo, retrieved the meds, ran a few errands and went back to the hotel. Mission accomplished!

As the day went on I realized there was still no flooding, so ran more errands and arrived back to the hotel at 7pm about the time my Dad called to say “Where are you?!” The rain was picking up. Just in time.

“I’m here Dad!”

The next morning was Sunday and I woke up at 6am and checked out the Facebook flood group for updates. One of the admins said “Please post your address if you flooded.” Comment after comment of addresses of people who flooded.

Neighbors had been up all night long watching the water rise in their homes. People were on their roofs. Kids piled on top of counter tops. People were asking for help to be rescued. Some people had climbed into the attic and were being told to get to the roof so first responders could see them. It was unnerving.

I learned – Always have a hammer in the attic in case you need to breakthrough to the roof.

Then I turned on the TV and saw the devastation in Houston. I had to talk to someone and I didn’t want to wake my Dad next door, so walked down the hall to the front desk and the hotel employee was getting the breakfast area ready.

I knew how horrific our city was flooding and I couldn’t contain myself.

I walked up to her and I said “This is going to change humanity.”
She said “No it won’t” and I was actually surprised at her response.

I damn well meant it. The world was watching and I could feel deep down that the devastation in Houston and how we handle it had the potential to change humanity.  I also have a deep belief that humanity can really shift.

And I also understood her. She is a woman of color and she had been around the block a time or two more than me and I let it go, watched TV downstairs for a bit and headed back to my room and tried to wondered how I was going to walk my dog.

How do you walk your dog in days of torrential downpours?

My dog actually loves being in this hotel. We stayed here for 37 days after I cared for my mother for two years and liquidated her house. It was so healing and relaxing.

Simba after the storm being friendly!

Simba after the storm being friendly!

And tonight will be #46 in this hotel. Sometimes hotels come in handy. My Dad is next door. His condo took on nearly a foot of water and he wanted me close by while its in repair and thankfully it is almost ready! Good thing because he has fallen twice since the flood and I’m helping him with many things. When he let’s me 😉

Anyway, I digress…

After I headed back to my room I also heated up the coffee I bought at Whole Foods. I was using it sparingly so it would last until the store was back open. I had plenty of food. Only I wasn’t hungry. For the first several days we were all in shock.

Here is a Facebook LIVE video – Acknowledging Shock & Breathing

Monday my Dad and I drove 500 feet (it was raining!) to IHOP and they were closed. Employees couldn’t make it in and others were stranded there. A woman getting into her car said that Waffle House was open and that the roads were clear.

So I turned on GPS. Easy peasy. While we ate, phone alerts kept sounding about tornadoes and I kept checking the sky.

I said “Dad, we better go.” We paid and got back in my car and GPS took us a completely different direction. There was high water all around and I didn’t know what to do.

I stopped and considered we might be stuck. And then I gathered my courage and ploughed through a few high water areas. We each breathed a huge sigh of relief and I said “We are not doing this again!” and my Dad agreed.

I watched various news reports of rescues. The hotel we’ve been staying in housed many of the First Responders. There were several trucks labeled State Police and Game Warden and they were all out until the wee hours of the morning rescuing people. I actually never saw any of the men, only their trucks.

UPS had 47 rooms here at the hotel because deliveries were 1.5 million packages behind. There were several Servicemaster trucks here helping with remediation. Dollar Rental sent employees to help clean out the Dollar Rental stores. There continue to be numerous companies here helping businesses and individuals get their lives back together.

I watched friends doing extraordinary things with apps, boats, big trucks and gathering teams of people to help. I called my Dad’s neighbor to find out how the condo community fared and she said “It’s bad … the worst flooding we’ve ever had.”

The roads were finally clear enough on Thursday for me to view the damages to the condo. It appeared that 10-12” of flood water sat in the house for 12-18 hours. I didn’t know where to begin. So I left.

I went to Whole Foods to grab a cup of organic coffee and to see if any of my friends were there and find out how they were doing. Some didn’t flood at all. Some lost everything. Others have family or friends who lost everything. Many people from the area had been evacuated from their homes by boat and were in temporary housing of some sort, though there are currently many from around the city in shelters.

And pets are missing their owners and visa versa. (There was a cat that loved to flirt with my dog and I haven’t seen it since the flood.)

Others asked how I was doing and I told one woman I was heading back to my dad’s place to start cleaning. She said “give me your phone number. I’m arranging crews to help people clean. I’m going to try and send somebody over today.”

Within one hour I received a call from a woman. She and her husband and children came to my father’s condo and helped clean. It was huge to have that kind of help so early on. It gave me motivation to continue. Her boys started with the floors by cleaning up all the mud and then they mopped. The women washed all the dishes.

What warmed my heart even more was her husband, who,
with no arms and a big smile, swept the porch
clean guiding the broom with his neck.

Talk about service!

Time and again, I’ve been running from my place to my Dad’s, visiting my mom (she turned 85 during all this!) and back to the hotel. Helping where I can. Walking and loving my dog.

iLoVeU Ho'oponopono Art Cards package!

iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards package!

Shipping my product (read about and order iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Art Cards here). And I am taking some time to write a series of blog posts as you can see.

I even sold my first painting in a gallery art show benefiting the Houston Food Bank. Click to watch the Facebook LIVE video at the art gallery

iLoVeU Ho'oponopono Door, Desk & Shelf Blessings

iLoVeU Ho’oponopono Door, Desk & Shelf Blessings

A contractor was hired and the condo is in repair and will be livable soon. This time my dad said he’s going to sell it. The question is “Where will he move?” And that is not a question for a rainy day.

Harvey touched everyone in Houston
in one way or another. PTSD everywhere.
The intense emotions are palpable
and they will be for quite some
time as we move forward.

There is much more I could say about Harvey yet I will leave it at this for now.

I’m writing another blog post “Feeling Empowered vs Powerless” and it incorporates the many lessons I learned from the Hurricane Ike Aftermath. Hopefully my insights have the potential to help others trudging through after Harvey, Irma and more. Stay tuned.

Much love,

PS. Additional replays from Facebook LIVE videos during this process:

Cleaning standing water, cutting sheetrock & drying

Cleaning is cleansing my soul

Harvey aftermath update #resilientspirit #irmaprayers

Flood cleaning and repairing

Flood clean-up update

Update from my car

Recovering from Harvey



I’ll Meet You Where Your Art Starts


I would like to invite you on a very simple journey to meet me in the dot. Slowly though.

Oh wait. What’s the dot you ask?

The dot is your place to get centered and make your first mark. It’s your commitment on paper to mark where you start your art. Or shift your art.


And it’s not only your starting point. Finding your dot is finding and expressing something inside that wants to come out.

It’s the first whisper of something great.

When you slow down you are taking the time to smell the essence of this new expressive adventure. Breathe the aroma of nature, feel the warmth on your skin and connect to the quiet excitement in your heart.

You have a longing. Art. It’s there inside of you. It’s been there a long time. Like forever.

The thoughts and feelings about art come and go. You may have created some art over the years.

And all that time in between. Contemplation. Thoughtfulness. Doubt. Resistance. And so many other emotions. Some you may not be aware of.

And yeah, you might already be doing creative work in the world. Maybe for others. And maybe a little bit for yourself here and there. It’s possible nobody has seen your art outside of – well, you. It’s been hidden.

And your longstanding, hidden desire keeps knocking at your door and pulling on your Heartstrings.

And you wonder if you can do this – but how?

You consider this time and again. You see inspiring art and consider the possibility of creating what you see in your mind’s eye. You really feel you can do this and you want to try.

But …

Life happens. Family dynamics arise. Situations escalate. Financial issues deter. Time slips away.

Yet – know this.

During this process you’re actually reaching in. You’re tapping into your courage a tiny bit at a time. It’s slow and incremental and quiet. After a while you reach a tipping point. The courage in you feels ready. You can practically see the courage in your core. All of a sudden it makes its presence fully known to you.

Strength emerges and points your awareness in a different direction. You see that dot in the distance, the one you’ve been avoiding?

Art begins with one dot.

And I am inviting you into this calm and serene blue dot. A simple dot with somebody who has been where you are.


I would so love it if you would consider joining me here by drawing your dot. I know it might seem silly. Stay with me. I want to guide you slowly so that you can feel the fullness of this experience.

Perhaps you have a crayon or marker. You can use a pencil or pen to make your art mark too. And paper. Any kind of paper. Large or small.

Take a deep breath. Ask yourself if you are ready. Take another deep breath. Allow yourself to fully feel the emotion that is surfacing.

Place your chosen art tool down on your paper and feel what you feel in your body. Feel the dot and now make your dot.


What do you feel in your body? What are your thoughts?

Maybe you’re thinking:

– who am I to be drawing this?
– it’s not even
– it’s too big
– it’s too small
– is that all?

It’s easy to question and criticize. It’s ok. Be with it.

This dot is a part of you that has now been creatively expressed.

What does the dot have to say to you? Please listen closely.

What would you like to say to the dot, this deeper part of you that has been expressed?


Good work my friend.

Be still now. In your dot.

Wendy G Young
Awaken The Artist Coach

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Three Reasons Art is Important and How You Can Help Artists

1. Creativity Expands as We Deepen our Art.

We use creativity in every area of life whether we realize it or not. We harness our creativity to find solutions to everyday problems that arise in our personal and business life. When we create art in some way, even when coloring (because that is creative too), we are opening up pathways in our brains that allow us to have access to our creativity.

We are also creating new neuro-pathways. Which brings me to my next point.

Art opens the heART for more art 2.16.13

2. Art Heals

Art is like an elixir for our soul. When we paint, draw, sculpt, sing, dance, write and take part in so many other artistic endeavors we are literally feeding that medicine to our being.

We drink it up. It fills our soul with love and light and pushes out a little bit more of the stuck, the dark that has covered up our confidence and courage and creativity. We may feel it coming up in the form of tears as it releases out of our body forever.  And then …

3. Art Gives Us Permission to Take Risk

A mistake is really only a judgment. When we make a mistake with our art we either correct it or we start again. If a line goes askew in a drawing I find a way to make it a part of the drawing. I suppose I could also crinkle up my art and throw it away but I always find a way to shift my creation into a new perspective.

Piano players might just keep going. Singers and dancers might start from the beginning. Writers will edit digitally unless they are  manually writing and in that case they may cross out a word and rewrite.

The fact is that the creative process is happening. While it is a seemingly small risk it is training our minds to deepen our risk taking and to feel safe to do so.

How would you like to help more artists expand their creativity, heal their lives and take more risk?

If that sounds expansive for you I would like to ask for your help. I am writing a series of Awaken The Artist books and I have created a crowdfunding campaign here to raise the funds to edit and market my book and another project.

Go check it out and let me know what you think via a contribution, share or comment. And I’d sure appreciate the shares of my campaign to reach more interested friends of artists!

Love & Art,


iLoVeU Month Days 12 and 13

Today I picked my mom at her memory care and took her out for a bit. It is never easy going there and I’m always praying she will be happy to see me. I was aware of feeling some grief right below the surface but it was stuck.

On the way home after taking my mom back I forced myself to feel those feelings. I suppose I pushed them to the surface so I could feel and release them. It was only for a couple of minutes yet I felt so much better. Writing, making art, exercising, resting and meditating all help in their own way.





My iLoVeU design is the addition to the painting I created 25 years ago of which you can only see a part of. I was taking a painting class series and chose to do my own thing and purchase a large canvas, paint it and then share it with my teacher.
She told me that it was not finished and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with it until recently.



I outlined my iLoVeU design to begin and I am considering what I’m going to do with it next. I want to blend it into the painting … or maybe not. Maybe I will let it stand out on the painting. It can be a metaphor for me working on standing out in this world of Art and Coaching and living a good life in every way imaginable.



iLoVeU Month Day 11

A recent drawing
My iLoVeU design
With a new flair of detail.

I love using black marker
Because it’s final
And allows for transformation Of mistakes into new detail.


And shifts our perception
That perfection lives within
Constructs of imperfection.

What is perfect about you, your life and experiences that you previously thought to be imperfect?



iLoVeU Month Days 7 – 10

Day 7

This iLoVeU was painted in May 2016 right before I started liquidating my mother’s house. It was nice to have a small amount of creativity playtime…still a bit more work to complete..






Day 8 – Only LOVE 💖









Day 9
It’s interesting how the names we give our art comes to be.
It’s also interesting how I’ve been choosing the order to post my art this month. It’s definitely not being done in a linear manner.
This is the iLoVeU Goddess. I drew her a couple of years ago.
She represents all.
She is colorful.
She is all woman.
She is voluptuous.
She is love.
She is a dancer.
She is courageous.
She is confident.
She is unique.
She is loved.
She is creative.
She is spontaneous.
She doesn’t give a fuck what people think about her.
I want to be more like her.
Hopefully I am her.










Day 10
This is a chalk drawing I created a while before moving out of my house. For some reason creating with chalk felt like cheating for me. I definitely did not feel like an artist and using chalk was giving the young, forgotten artist a playground. I suppose I did not see chalk as a medium that real artists would use. Anyway. I know I’m an artist and this is real art.










iLoVeU Month Day 6 – iLoVeU Tree

The iLoVeU Tree.

Stands so perfectly.

So well suited for today’s art share.

She represents the collective current need.

To be even more self aware.

Life happens for us especially.

When we let it.

Art lets us explore our roots.

Our truths.










There she stands.

Tall and strong and majestical.

Giving life to all around her.

So they may be as rooted

In Mama Earth as she.

We find meaning in art.

Art heals us through creation, evolution, discussion, imagination and meditation of it – the artwork.




iLoVeU Month Day 5 – Circling Back Around

It’s Sunday morning and kinda’ blah. Showers are expected and hopefully it turns into a beautiful day because Superbowl is here in Houston (as if you didn’t know). May everyone visiting our city have a safe and enjoyable time. Frankly I’ll hear the game in the background and will catch glimpses from time to time.

Today’s iLoVeU drawing is one of three I drew with pencil. The circles and curves are perfect because I used a tool. I played and as much as I love to draw freestyle it was fun.

It’s maybe five or six years since I drew this. I remember having to reach deep to give myself PERMISSION to create this. Like “who am I do draw inside of my own design?” I know this may seem like silly thinking but artists are always looking at how they can give themselves permission to do what they want.

So I used a tool to expand with myself while expanding within my design. It’s like a moving meditation in a way.


It’s so interesting to me that this is one of at least 100 drawings never shared in any way. I find myself wondering who I’ll be at the end of the month after sharing and telling stories about my art.

Perhaps this can be considered a metaphor for Circling Back Around and Expanding My Circle of Creativity and Awareness by sharing more of me.

Whatever you are doing keep being creative and keep reaching in for more of who you are so you may expand your expression in the world.



iLoVeU Month Day 4 – iLoVeU Growing

This was the first iLoVeU design of this style I drew in spring 2014 as I allowed my body and mind to process the grief I felt seeing my mother in a memory care home. I could barely speak about what was happening without tearing up. I couldn’t contain the grief and it bubbled up whenever it wanted.

I felt a massive amount of empathy for my mother seeing her own sadness from being ripped from her home, checked into a hospital and moved into a memory care.


I had no say in any of it. So this was my way to have my say with myself, to help myself get through this time so I could be present with my mom. The last thing I wanted her to see was my sadness about her situation. I had to be strong for her.

How interesting that earlier this week my mother could see my sadness and she is the one that soothed me. The tables turn and then they turn again. Souls are always connected.




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