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Awaken The Artist Foundational Audio/Video Series

The 7 Pathways to Awaken The Artist is now available as a Self-Study course, perfect for today’s focus on online education.

I’ve crafted this course over many years of:

  • living the Pathways for my own growth and realization
  • teaching the Pathways, in person, to help others discover their own creative courage
  • and offering Breakthrough sessions using the Pathways to help people transform themselves

This course is self-study yet the BEST way to get the most out of it is to give yourself at least a full week (a month is even better) to review and process each Pathway. It took your whole lifetime to get to where you are. Now give yourself the time you need to shift your creative process to get to where you want to go.

I worked through what stopped me from fully expressing myself. That journey of discovery gave me this series of Pathways and Processes that helped me embrace my own inner artist. There is a continuing stream of new art brewing within me, and each time I return to the teachings of these Pathways my art and my creativity evolve.

I want that evolution for YOU, TOO!

LOOK what is included in this transformational course:

The Program

Module 1 – Letting Go of what no longer serves you

  • Tap into your Courage! You need it to take the necessary steps forward.
  • You will learn about the process of letting go of the emotional blocks that keep you from taking courageous action.
  • After a meditation that will help you begin this courageous process of self discovery, be ready to journal about your experiences, as there is power in your writing.
  • Module 1 (letting go, courage, next steps & art project kickoff) is available for a limited time as a stand alone with additional BONUSES – see below

Module 2 – Discovering what has been buried and forgotten

  • I lead you through a guided meditation to help you discover the creative blocks which have buried your inner artist.
  • This is an exploration of your earliest artistic longings and what messages or stories prevented you from fully expressing yourself.
  • Remember to keep writing!

Module 3 – Releasing what has been stuck

  • Review your journal and recognize the blocks to your artistic endeavors.
  • Pay attention to any insights you notice.
  • Now that you have identified these blocks, you are ready for the release.

Module 4 – Honoring your accomplishments

  • For whatever reason, we all tend to focus on our shortcomings and downplay our accomplishments.
  • In this session you will honor the achievements from your past that were never fully acknowledged. This process empowers you to take the big steps forward.
  • Prepare for some new shifts and “Ah-ha” moments.

Module 5 – Owning your gift and your dream

  • It’s now time to identify your gems: the dreams, wishes and goals of your youth and reach out with both hands to reclaim them.
  • You’ve done the work and you deserve this.

Module 6 – Celebrating you

  • You have stayed with this process for at least 5 weeks.
  • Now take time to celebrate who you are as a person.
  • You have recognized and embraced your gifts, desires and your expanded awareness.
  • Now is the time to share and celebrate your life.
  • You get to integrate your art and your creativity as part of the celebration.

Module 7 – Embodying your gift

  • During this final session, I share various ways to embody your gift so that you can create art and immerse yourself in creativity on an ongoing basis.
  • I will take you through a guided meditation to help you with this process today, and whenever you need it.

The Program so far

These 7 Sessions alone are eight hours of valuable content that, when you do the work, will help you transform your own life dramatically.

Value = $2100

Now for the Bonuses

7 Worksheet Sets
One set with each Session helps you:

  • stay on track,
  • know what to journal about,
  • how to get the most out of each video presentation.

7 Worksheet Video Sets
One video with each worksheet helps you:

  • get started easier, like a “quick start”
  • understand the material faster
  • connect in earlier and deeper

7 Art Project Sheets
One with each Session guides/instructs you:

  • in developing an art project that you will add to every week
  • to give yourself permission to play and experiment creatively
  • in a way that opens you up to just having fun.

7 Worksheet / Art Project Sheet Video Guides
I’ll walk you through what to do with these enlightening and fun activities

2 Bonus Videos
I’ve created so much material in the process of helping others travel through the Pathways that I needed to add these videos to give you even more support and encouragement.

Plus Monthly LIVE Zoom call
Get your questions answered Live.

Plus the Facebook Group
for Q/A, discussion, impromptu lives, and sharing your art project & insights.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Are you ready to get started?

The Awaken The Artist Foundational Audio/Video Series

I’ve put together 2 packages to help you achieve the transformation you deserve – at PRE-LAUNCH prices. (Plus a 3rd package for a Limited Time – Module 1 ONLY  – SEE BELOW)

What does that mean?

I am building an online school so that I can reach and help more people embrace their creative gifts, yet it isn’t quite ready; there is a lot to do.

So, I am taking my live 1-1 coaching online and offering you an opportunity to get in on this powerful training at Pre-Launch pricing.

Included in this online coaching program:
7 Session self study videos Value = $2100
7 worksheet sets + companion videos Value = $350+
7 worksheet video sets Value = $350
7 Art Project Sheets Value = $350
7 Video Guides Value = $700
2 Bonus Art Project Videos Value = $600
Monthly Live Zoom Call for one year Value = $1200
Facebook Support Group Value = $396 [based at $33/month subscription rate]

TOTAL VALUE  = $5696+


I am offering Package Number 1 for only $555

That price is less than 10%

Once the school is open the price will go up.

And there is something you can do for me once you are in the course.

Because I am making this powerful course at such a low price, and can only take a limited number of students while I am also building an online school, I would love for you to give me feedback and testimonials during the course to help make it even more transformative for the next body of students who take the course and to help them understand the value. And yes, you WILL have access to all upgrades I make to the course.

Want to make your transformation even more impactful, and shift faster?

Receive EVERYTHING in Package Number 1

and ADD an

Unlock Your Creativity Breakthrough Session with Wendy

Self-study courses can be powerful when you apply yourself to do the work AND –

  • What if you could really get a jump-start on the transformation you seek?
  • What if you could pin-point your key creative block early on in this process, have the clarity you need to move into the power of the Pathways that much faster?
  • What if all those hidden words that stop and block you, that well-meaning people planted in your brain when you were a child, could be accessed easier with some help?
  • What if those balls of knots that have your creativity tied up could be loosened, untangled, freed?
  • WHAT IF you can be opened up to seeing all the possibilities that really are there in front of you that you don’t recognize now, much easier and faster?

THAT is what is possible when you get a Creativity Breakthrough Session with Wendy!

People who have had a Breakthrough session with Wendy frequently say: “Wow, what just happened here?!”

“Wendy is a great listener and very intuitive. She’s walked the walk, traveled on the Pathways, and knows where the hidden stuck places are. She CAN help you access where you are stuck.” 

It is HIGHLY recommended that you opt for the Self-Study Course PLUS a Breakthrough Session early on because the breakthrough will open you up to be able to move through the Pathways with greater clarity and ease.

A Breakthrough Session is much more than the actual time spent in the session. Wendy puts in a lot of time analyzing what you share with her, provides your personal recording and gives you time for follow-up questions on email with response emails.


Issues I thought I was “done with” are coming up for deeper understanding. Wendy listens carefully to what I say and offers clarity, insight and overviews I haven’t yet thought of. My inner and outer growth is taking a great leap forward. I am also learning a lot from the other people in the group.

– Kim Victoria,

An Unlock Your Creativity Breakthrough Session is normally $1111 for a 90 minute to 1-3/4 hour session by itself.


I am offering Package Number 2:

Everything in Package Number 1 PLUS the Breakthrough Session

for only $888

Once the school is open the price will go up.

Right now you can save $1334 for the Complete Package

Wendy has time to take only a limited number of Breakthrough Sessions. BE SURE TO BOOK EARLY to get in on this low price offer and achieve the Breakthrough you deserve.

(Do not wait. If you decide you want the Breakthrough Session AFTER you’ve started the self study course the price for the private coaching will be $555 – available within 30 days of buying the course, limited offer, first-come first-serve.)

Are you ready to transform your creativity?

Choose the package you are ready to start:

If you are ready to get started click below to pay. 

Module 1 + Bonuses –> Choose Your Price *SPECIAL LIMITED OPPORTUNITY*
Includes Module 1 Self Study Video + BONUSES: 5 worksheets, “Imaginings” video from the full course, all LIVE classes (including art creation) until end of 2020.
Buy Module 1 + Bonuses Now for $55

Buy Module 1 + Bonuses Now for $88

Buy Module 1 + Bonuses Now for $111

Package #1 includes everything listed above except the Breakthrough Session
Buy the Self-Study Course Now for $555

Package #2 includes the Unlock Creativity Breakthrough Session with Wendy scheduled upon payment.
Buy the Package WITH the Breakthrough Session Now for $888


Initial and updated course materials will be sent to you manually by Wendy until official launch of the online school. You will receive weekly course material updates until the launch of the school. At that time, course materials will then be downloaded from the teaching platform. And the price for the course will go up.

If you are already signed up for the course when the school launches your price will not change and you will enjoy all the benefits you signed up for.


Between the pathways and processes I was able to uncover and remember moments from my childhood where I had become stuck in my thinking. These insights also enabled me to see why this deep desire to create art had been stifled and had been difficult to manifest.

– Linda Howarth

Interested and have questions?

Book your free 30-minute discovery session and we’ll find out how I can help you.

Click to book your session with Wendy!

A 6-month private immersion is also available as well as retreats for your organization or corporation.


Chris O’Hare & Kristy Rackham share about the major shifts they experienced after their Unlock Creativity Breakthrough Sessions with me:



“I am BLOWN AWAY! 😍 I’ve just finished my ‘Unlock Creativity Breakthru session” coaching with Wendy and now have such excitement about the creative journey that is unfolding before me! It was such an enlightening and heart opening session!

I’ve been creatively blocked for 2 years… well honestly, it’s been more like my ENTIRE LIFE. I have always struggled to embrace my creative talents and gifts, hitting up against some unknown block, only allowing myself to express in a very limited way, dancing around the edges of my art… Recently I’ve been completely ‘starved for art’.

In just 90 minutes with Wendy I was connecting the dots and realised that my creative limitations were rooted in childhood… Being ‘shut down’ as a child, told that i needed to ‘tone down’ my creative gifts. Memories arose and cleared during this session, blocks released, and I am now SUPER EXCITED about harnessing the latent talent that has been sitting right below the surface! I can’t wait to get started again!

Probably the most valuable part of this session was the validation and realisation that it is okay for me to not only OWN my talents, but have permission to CELEBRATE THEM🥳!!! WOW!! Who knew that was possible?!

I am SO GRATEFUL for the insights, healing and possibility that Wendy has opened for me… she is such a joyful soul, oozing creative expression – something to aspire to!

If you’ve not worked with Wendy or have been contemplating how awesome it would be to unlock your own creative artistry, and feel drawn to access and awaken the artist within, please do yourself a favour and book a session!!

      1. Thank you so much Wendy!!


I am heading off to the art shop right now to grab supplies for my next project!!! 💗🧚‍♀️”

Kristy Rackham

The following three choices are Module 1 ONLY and you can choose your price.
Buy Module 1 + Bonuses Now for $55

Buy Module 1 + Bonuses Now for $88

Buy Module 1 + Bonuses Now for $111


The following choices include the FULL COURSE. The 2nd choice includes the Unlock Creativity Breakthrough Session.

Buy the Self-Study Course Now for $555

Buy the Package WITH the Breakthrough Session Now for $888

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