Awaken The Artist Immersion

I first taught this program in 2013 in both private and group settings. The course material has evolved over time, like we all do. As I mentioned before, this is a result of my own experiences and as I continue to grow, I upgrade the content to match the depth of my deepened understandings. I live these 7 Pathways and owe the constant expansion of my art to these processes.

In a much deeper and significant way, I have come to know and appreciate how this work transforms a person dedicated to their personal journey.

If you have an inkling to make art and be creative in the world it is ESSENTIAL that you find a way to your unique art style.

Making art is self-love.  It keeps me emotionally and physically healthy during the trials and traumas of my life.

The Immersion
This is a live private coaching series of sessions and retreats plus email access where you will learn about and begin to embody the 7 Pathways to Awaken The Artist. I will guide you through my transformative, creative processes.

You will experience an opening, allowing you to access your inspiration – to be creative – in any personal or business endeavor you choose.

The deep healing aspects of the 7 Pathways and Processes will open a doorway to the inner peace, happiness, creativity, courage and confidence you were born with. This elevated state of mind is your birthright. Once you remember where you’ve hidden it, you will have unlimited access on demand.

In addition to the private sessions, you will also receive the entire pre-recorded Foundational Series of the 7 Pathways, where I guide you through the transformative, creative processes. You can read about the details of the audio/video series here.

As a reminder of your good work and commitment to your artistic gifts, you will create a transformative piece of art. I’ve found that this part of the program serves to inspire you for the rest of your life.

This private coaching program will help you

  • Get to the root and unravel the stories you’ve been telling yourself – that you’re not creative, not an artist, not imaginative or inspired.
  • Access your inner artist and free up your creative juices for self-expression in personal and business activities.
  • Begin to remember your core truths and shift your perceptions about your artistic and creative gifts.
  • Loosen the doubt and fear and get to know your worthiness, courage and confidence.
  • Create transformational art with a fun process you can use again and again – no matter what your art is.
  • You will be guided through this artwork – step by step – by me and will be encouraged to apply your own creativity to the project.
  • Play in a new level of creative and artful pleasure!

Issues I thought I was “done with” are coming up for deeper understanding. Wendy listens carefully to what I say and offers clarity, insight and overviews I haven’t yet thought of. My inner and outer growth is taking a great leap forward. I am also learning a lot from the other people in the group.

– Kim Victoria,

Private Coaching Immersion Details

  • The Unlock Creativity Breakthrough Session is the first coaching opportunity to
  • Awaken The Artist Art Retreats are scheduled for in-person and/or zoom coaching as day long or half-day sessions.
  • Ten 50-minute (regular) coaching sessions are twice a month.
  • You will listen to the pre-recorded Pathway recording each session in preparation and then receive your art process assignment, to be completed before our next call.
  • Each art assignment builds upon the previous and is part of the transformational piece of art you are creating during this program. We will have some time to work on and/or discuss the art during these regular sessions.
  • Email feedback will be provided on the art project in the off weeks.
  • You will be invited to join the private Facebook community where you can engage with your fellow-artists.
  • I will monitor questions in the group and offer feedback via video and/or posts for the benefit of all.
  • The 10th and final regular coaching session will serve as a review and wrap-up.

Click the booking link below to schedule a chat to see if we are a perfect fit to work together!


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