Awaken the Artist Private Coaching + Foundational Series

You are here reading this because you have this beautiful, creative art inside of you and its not coming out and you don’t know why.

You might have paintbrushes. You might have pads of paper and special pens. You might have a piano, a singing voice or tap shoes.

Yet something is keeping you from it. Everyday you wake up and you say, “This is going to be the day I’m going to do it.”

And it doesn’t happen.

The art supplies go unused. Your art is not expressed in your unique way.

Nobody is inspired by the lack of creativity, mainly you.

I hear you. I feel you. You are stuck. There is this beautiful, creative expression that wants to come out of you and it is stuck inside.

I’ve been there and continue to travel the journey

My name is Wendy, and I know what it’s like to have unexpressed art living inside you. I’ve been there and know the frustration, doubt, and angst you may be feeling.

On my own journey, I’ve worked through what has stopped me from fully expressing myself and have come up with a series of processes and pathways that have helped me own my inner artist. There is always a continuing stream of new art that I want to create and each time I do my own work on myself my art and creativity evolve.

And I want to help you do the same.

I first taught this program in 2013 and 2014 privately and in group and completed another group series early 2017. I am delighted to share that the material has greatly evolved and at least some of this is due to my growth during the two years I took care of my mom after her dementia diagnosis. I lived the pathways and processes that I teach and my art has evolved.

In a much deeper and significant way I have come to know and appreciate how this work transforms a person dedicated to their personal journey.

If you have an inkling to make art and be creative in the world it is ESSENTIAL that you find a way to your unique art style.

Making art is self love.  It has kept me emotionally and physically healthy during the care of my mother.  I shared some of this on the free calls and will go deeper in this series.  If you have questions or wonder how this program can help you lets have a conversation.

If you do sign up make a commitment to yourself to take all actions and go as deep as you possibly can. This is how you experience the most benefits.  I will be available between calls and in the private Facebook  group for support and encouragement.

If what I have shared with you above resonates please continue reading to determine if this program will be a good fit for you.

The Program

Awaken The Artist in Your Heart Private Coaching &
The Introductory Series – Video/Audio Prerecorded Sessions

This is a LIVE, 3 Private Session series + the entire prerecorded Introductory Series where we follow the 7 pathways as I guide you through my transformative, creative processes. This will open the space for you to access your inspiration – to be creative – in any personal or business endeavor you choose.

The deep healing aspects of the Awaken The Artist 7 Pathways and Processes give you access to the inner peace, happiness, creativity, courage and confidence you were born with.

Plus you will create a transformative piece of art that will inspire you for the rest of your life and will have processes you can use anytime to access your creativity at a deeper level.

This program is for you if you …

  • Desire to make art and feel you are in an on/off, creatively stuck pattern.
  • Say “I could make that” when you are inspired by art.
  • Do not finish creative projects, doubt your abilities or dislike your creations.
  • Have been on a spiritual and often painful, healing journey.
  • Are currently processing through an emotional situation and feel you could benefit from support.

This private coaching program will help you …

  • Get to the root of and unravel the stories you’ve been telling yourself – that you’re not creative, not an artist, not imaginative or inspired.
  • Access your inner artist and free up your creative juices for self expression in personal and  business activities.
  • Begin to remember your core truths and shift your perceptions about your artistic and creative gifts!
  • Loosen the doubt and fear and get to know your worthiness, courage and confidence!
  • Create transformational art with a fun process you can use again and again – no matter what your “art” is! You will be guided through his artwork – step by step – by me and will be encouraged to apply your own creativity to the project. In other words there is no one way to do this as demonstrated by previous clients.
  • Play in a new level of creative and artful pleasure!

Issues I thought I was “done with” are coming up for deeper understanding. Wendy listens carefully to what I say and offers clarity, insight and overviews I haven’t yet thought of. My inner and outer growth is taking a great leap forward. I am also learning a lot from the other people in the group.

– Kim Victoria,

The Journey of the Pathways

Session 1  – Letting Go of what no longer serves you.
We will discuss the process of letting go to aid you in tapping into your courage to take necessary actions. Together we will continue with the writing process and then discuss the ahas you have received about your journey because of this specific writing process. I will also share with you my major aha from my writing when I did this for the first time in he summer of 2011. You will receive your next art assignment for the week and if there is time we will work on it together during our session.

Session 2 – Discovering what has been buried and forgotten.
The exploration of what you are beginning to remember, how it created your artistic and creative blocks and how the awareness is going to help you begin awakening your inner artist is this week’s topic.  I will lead you through a guided meditation to help you find discover and uncover what has been buried and created the blocks to accessing your inner artist the way you desire. We will continue our artwork together on the call and I will guide you through whatever blocks that may surface so you can continue to create after the call.

Session 3 – Releasing what has been stuck.
Today we will begin to share what is beginning to surface for you, insights you’re having about the blocks you are releasing and how to allow yourself to release easier. I will be doing energy clearing with Reiki and others tools as needed on the call. A new art assignment will be shared.

Session 4 –Honoring your accomplishments.
Together we will honor those things from your past that were forgotten even those things that you never would have imagined would be important to honor. This enables you to take some big steps forward. We will create a separate and very easy artwork for this process on the call. Prepare for some new ahas and shifts. You can continue with this after the call and I’ll demonstrate how you can incorporate these honorings into the main artwork you are creating in this program. You can continue with your artwork after the call.

Session 5 – Owning your gift and your dream.
In this session we will identify the gems – the dreams, wishes, goals of your youth that have been buried and how to reclaim them. I will demonstrate how you can incorporate these into the main artwork you are creating in this program. You can continue with your artwork after the call.

Session 6 – Celebrating you.
This session is about celebrating who you are as a person, your gifts, desires and what you have become aware of during this program. Now is the time to share and celebrate your life. We will discuss how to use your art and creativity as celebration as well as what and how to celebrate inwardly and outwardly. As always I will give you a new art assignment for your main artwork.

Session 7 – Embodying your gift.
During this session I will share various ways to embody your gift so that you can create art and immerse yourself in creativity on an ongoing basis. I will guide you through a guided meditation and give you a new assignment to incorporate into your artwork for this program.

*Please Note – At the end of each session above you will receive your art process assignment for the week. Each art assignment builds upon the previous and is part of the transformational piece of art you are creating during this program. We will leave some time to work on the art together on the call. During the week there will be sharing and coaching in the Facebook group. The more you participate the more you will get out of the program …. as always -:)


Between the pathways and processes I was able to uncover and remember moments from my childhood where I had become stuck in my thinking. These insights also enabled me to see why this deep desire to create art had been stifled and had been difficult to manifest.

– Linda Howarth


  • Starts: Fall 2017
  • Private Coaching sessions are twice a month and scheduled the week following the prerecorded sessions.
  • Prerecorded sessions from Winter 2016 program are usually 60 minutes.
    There are a couple that are 75 – 90 minutes.
  • I can work with up to 10 private clients at a time.
  • Each week a different pathway is covered.
  • Private Facebook group for encouragement, sharing and coaching.

Listen to what Chris O’Hare has to say about the major shift he experienced after just one private session with me:


Registration information for this program will be released Fall 2017. If you are interested schedule an Art Chat to see if we are a good fit to work together.


So Much Love, Joy & Art!!

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