Awaken The Artist 21 Day Art & Coloring Challenge

I know. It has been a long time since you heard from me.

All that family stuff made it so challenging for me to stay focused on my lifetime dream of ART creation. Plus my three decades of entrepreneurship was on hold so that I could tend to the needs of my mom.

Well, four months ago I moved my mom into memory care and she is doing well. I liquidated the contents of her house, helped get it sold and then took some time for rest while visiting my mom and squeaking in some time to make art.

Now I have time and energy to pick up where I left off and move forward with my personal and business life.

Tomorrow, September 1, 2016 I am launching my Awaken The Artist 21 Day Art & Coloring Challenge. I’m keeping it real simple.

If you want to keep up with everything in one place you can “like” my Awaken The Artist Facebook Page.

You can also sign up for the challenge and receive tips and stories to help you create.  I will also share some of my coloring book pages so you can color along with me.

Art Challenge 72 dpi

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