Art is Life

Art brings us back to a carefree, playful and curious time of our life. Childhood. For some childhood was a source of painful experiences and the creative part was buried along with the pain in order to survive. So when we as adults reconnect with our innate, artful self it brings us to the door that leads to the room where our blocked emotions have lived and helped keep us stuck.

Art opens the door to this room. Until now this room has been blocked from our view to keep us feeling safe. And now being older and wiser we are ready to put the pieces of our life back together and to make sense of our journey and gain clarity about where we are going. We put our toes in the water and allow ourselves to begin to remember what life was like at that age. We see out of that child’s eyes and hear the sounds and the voices of the others around us. Then we begin to feel.

If we have the courage to step inward as we are creating our art and if we have the gumption to keep creating even though it is bringing up our emotions we have the chance to heal at very deep levels. When we give ourselves the permission to know who we are at our core we connect to our inner pot of artful gold.

The Benefits of Art

  • Art helps us let go of the chaos of our lives and connect to a more playful and carefree time.
  • Art reconnects us to the dreams we had as children.
  • Art releases unconscious blocks created when we were discouraged from being artful.
  • Art allows us to honor and own who we are as creative, artful beings.
  • Art taps our courage, confidence and resilience which helps us achieve our goals.
  • Art changes our perception of the world and heals us at deep levels.
  • Art creations relaxes us as it creates new pathways in our brain and opens us to our inspiration.

Everything is Art

Everything in this world began as art. Look around and see that everything began as an idea that was sketched either on paper or digitally.

Art is everywhere. Cars. Hubcaps. Cereal boxes. Building signs. Clothing. Dishes. Towels. Teapots. Machines. Manufacturing plants. And of course the art hanging on our wall.

When we use art to heal ourselves we then can use art to create a better world.

Art is life.


PS. If you want to explore awakening the artist that lives in your heart click here to read several blog posts that discuss my Awaken The Artist 7 Pathways.

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