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The Planning of My First LIVE Law of Attraction Event

This past Saturday, Feb 21, 2009 I led my first public workshop about the Spiritual Grid Manifestation Technology which I have been developing over the past few years.

In attendance were the best people I could have imagined as they were extremely supportive of me.

I had the sheer guts not only teach this “out there” material in the public but I also had it professionally videotaped! So there were all sorts of technical issues that occurred that I did not plan for!!

The 60 minute tapes only lasted 40 minutes so we took more breaks. I fought the idea of wearing makeup only having to succumb to it in the end. I do admit that after seeing some of the video it is a good idea to wear makeup. My fear was that everyone would be able to actually see the makeup but all they really see is me! Without the makeup I would looked washed out so thank you to all who helped with that. I DID do my own hair though and all we had to do was brush it later in the day!

The person who was going to help assist me for the workshop was not able to make it so I was managing it all on my own.  It was all perfect because I was given the opportunity to see what was necessary for next time.

There is sooo much more to consider when you are planning a LIVE event!

Here are some things I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone that is going to present a LIVE workshop:


1: Make a List of What is Necessary & Include the following:

Hire an assistant who is available to help you the entire week before your event and to attend your event. Have assistant take notes and make all the lists of things that must get done.

I suggest professional help with hair and makeup especially if you are planning to videotape your event. You will want help with lunch, handouts, binders, preparing space, nametags, checking in attendees, bringing materials to space, arranging chairs and tables, snacks, drinks, packing up at the end of the day and much more. Start planning in advance and keep a list of all that must be done. Include your assistant in every bit of the planning.

The only thing you want to be doing is preparing yourself and your material for the workshop!


2: Take Care of YOU!

Rest your body the week before your workshop. Get a massage. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise. Stretch. Make sure you eat regular and healthy meals and drink plenty of water. All of this will help you prepare your mind and body for the big day!


3: Create a Workshop Schedule

Have a general idea of what you will be speaking about and when. It is possible that you might change the schedule but having this will be a big help! Your assistant can help with this! Be sure to include plenty of rest breaks so that your attendees can be at their best. I provided a healthy array of snacks from my favorite store..If you can guess which store then tweet me at @wendygyoung. The first one who guesses correctly will win an iLoveU t-shirt from me. Yes!  I will pack it and ship it myself!!


4: Meet with Vendors:

If you plan to videotape your event be sure to meet with potential videographers to get a feel for who they are. Ask for references and check them out. Do not pay for everything in advance. Give them a deposit and then pay them in increments along the way. Pay them after they have shot the video and given you the raw video. Then pay them in full only after you have received the final edited video unless you are editing on your own.  Edit on your own only if you know how. You want to get your product out there in reasonable amount of time after you present.

Be sure to tour several meeting spaces before you make your decision. Consider the layout of the room and the additional services offered. Do they provide hot water for tea, bottled water and snacks? This is essential as your workshop participants must have something to drink during the day if you want them to have sustainable energy to listen to your presentation.

If you are planning an event do let me know and feel free to add any of your event planning ideas to this blog.

Happy Planning!



Social Networking Etiquette Coffee Talk

This my first blog where I have the opportunity to rant and rave and I am so excited!!

Earlier I tweeted from my Blackberry that I was at Whole Foods drinking a cup of coffee and I received a tweet from someone —

“@WendyGYoung do you realize how bad coffee is for you?”

Wow!! This person does not even know me. I cannot recall ever receiving a tweet from this person to begin developing a relationship. What a way to create a first impression!

That was interesting social etiquette in my humble opinion but what do I know? I am not a social networking expert. But I do believe I have good social etiquette. If I was wanting to make a good impression and convince someone that I knew what was correct for them I would make sure I knew more about them first!

Like did she realize that I do not drink coffee every day and that when I do it is usually organic? Or that I have started practically each day since 1997 drinking Yerba Matte tea? Or that I drink green tea and those yummy green drinks?

Or that when I travel I look for the first health food store I can..usually Whole Foods? Or that I read all the labels on the packaged food? Or that most of my food is fresh?

And does she realize that I have never taken a puff on a cigarette and that I VERY rarely drink?!!!

Or that I have been an avid health nut for years eating plenty of veggies and fruits and balance my meals with those fun happy fats and protein, including lots of fish with all those good for you Omega’s?

And does she know that for years I have consulted with a Phd nutritionist to make sure I am on the right track?

Nope. She does not know any of those things!

Because she did not take the time to KNOW me.

If she did she would know what I am about.

And there is so much more to know about me regarding everything! It certainly will not fit in one blog entry and some of it is for me only!

She would not know that I believe that my healthy belief system keeps me healthy even if I every so often decide to even drink a cup of non-organic coffee.

See I knew this was an opportunity to let this bounce off of me and create my first rant and rave blog entry.

So thank you for your coffee comment.

I am now done!

My mom’s favorite expression: Goodbye and goodluck 🙂



PS. Before I even finished this blog I received another reply from someone who read my playful response that “Love is All There Is” where I referred to a Beatles song and she wrote back to tell me I was wrong. Case dismissed.



















Faces of Love

A few days ago I had the pleausure of being interviewed about the topic of LOVE! THAT was really interesting to me because what do I really know about the topic of LOVE?

There are so many kinds of love…or are there? I guess it really depends on your perspective.

I mean there is romantic love. It does not matter who you are… I am sure romantic love has affected you. If you are like most romantic love has made your heart soar and it may have felt crushed a time or two. How much in control are we when it comes to this type of love? Hm, I wonder…

I believe the stronger the love we have for ourselves the better the relationship. And when the relationship with another is non-existant it is the love for ourselves that really counts. We cannot receive love from others unless we first give it to ourselves. That can be tricky.

Yesterday on Valentine’s Day my brother and sister-in-law renewed their marriage vows after 5 years. It was so wonderful to see how happy and in love they are. Does it mean that it is all perfect? No but they are committed to each other

What about love for your immediate family? Your siblings, children, parents? Sometimes the key here is “Do you like them?!” Too often the hurts in our immediate family causes pain that can last an entire lifetime. I have certainly had my experiences with this!

On a deep level you love them but cannot seem to get along. Families are blessed with people of all shapes, perceptions, ideas and this can create challenges. How do you handle it when love goes wrong in your family?

Then there is the love of friends, teachers, students, pets. They all seem like a different kind of love but love is love, right?

Did you know that when your heart expresses love towards another you are expressing love towards yourself. It is not possible to be expressing love for another without feeling it inside of your heart.

Then there is the vibration of love. David Hawkins speaks about this in his book Power Vs Force. It takes only a small group of people vibrating at the frequency of love to help raise the vibration of thousands! So here we are talking about the healing power of love.

What an opportunity for me to talk about my iLoveU image located on this blog. This is a Ho’oponopono healing design. If you meditate on it you will feel a shift in your body. Funny as I was typing this I was visualizing this design and felt a shiver fun through my body as just the mere vision of the design in your head has healing power.

I know you may be wondering what in the world I am talking about. Well soon i will be sharing more about my iLoveU design: how it was created and how to use its healing powers in the areas of money, business, relationships and whatever else you want healing in.

So I am wondering, what can you do today in the way of love?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

iLoveU !











Your Body is Your Manifestation Tool

Ok I have said it!

Your Body is Your Manifestation Tool!

You heard it from me Wendy G Young, today, Feb 10, 2009.

What in the world are you talking about Wendy you might be asking?? Right?

Well several few years ago I had an inkling I was going to create “something.” I founded an ergonomic business in ’91 and until I sold it in 2008 I was shipping products all over the world and had consulted in many large corporations.  After some painful twists and turns in the corporate arena I began feeling something newer and bigger on the way…a more expanded version of me.

As this corporate upheaval in my life was taking place I immersed myself into a deeper practice of the Law of Attraction and realized that this technology I created is a blend of my 17 years of work as an ergonomist and my 25 years of the study and practice of spirituality and the Law of Attraction.  

One day when I was interviewed on a radio show I began referring to the term “Spiritual Ergonomics.” I said “What message do you want your posture to send to the world?” At the time I realized that this had something to do with the relationship between postures and emotion yet I still had no idea what the final outcome would be (LOL – Is there really ever a final outcome?)

Over a period of time I created a body of writing and exercises around this intriguing concept that had been brewing inside of me for years! Then in 2006 a technique began revealing itself to me. As I practiced and focused on this technique I continued to receive inspiration and information that refined the techniqie and explained how and why it works.

After discovering Ho’oponopono an ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique I created iLoveU Ho’oponopono™ out of inspiration. The iLoveU design on this page is the symbol of this technology and part of the overall system I call the Spiritual Grid™ Manifestation Technology™.

This Spiritual Grid™ Manifestation Technology™ is based upon these six (6) premises:

1.      The body is a manifestation tool. We manifested our body to be in this life. The universe works through us and co-created our body with us so that we can use it as a tool to co-create our Divine inspirations. This technology connects us to our body. 


2.      We co-created planet earth, the largest “physical” manifestation in our environment with the Divine to support us in manifesting our desires. Living on earth is a symbol of this necessary connection at this time. When we are fully connected to earth we are supported in achieving our desires more quickly. This technology connects and grounds us to the earth.


3.      There is a direct connection between our body posture and our emotions. If we stand tall with a sad face we feel ridiculous and if we hunch over and smile we also feel silly and incongruent. A key component of manifestation in LOA teachings is about being in emotional alignment. This technology aligns you physically and emotionally and creates congruency with the universe. Our message to the universe must be congruent to manifest our desires. This technology creates this congruence.


4.      There is an energetic grid. We are an extension of this grid or source. We are one with source and our good comes only from this source. We must know it in our bones that we are source. This technology creates a stronger connection to this source.


5.      We must embody our desire in a clear and focused way. This technology fully embodies our desires in various realms and energizes them to speed up manifestation.


6.      We must have supporting beliefs to manifest our desires. This technology helps clear negative energies that may be getting in the way and creates new postive beliefs and intentions.

I discussed this technology with Dr. Joe Vitale a few months ago as a participant in his Rolls Royce Mastermind. His comment to me in the first 20 minutes of our mastermind: ““Your approach of Using the Body As a Manifestation Tool is truly different and very unique.”

Yes! It is different. It shifts you from a place of doing to being. It speeds up the manifestation of your desires.

Recently on Meet the Press it was discussed that the economic stimulus package was designed to help boost confidence in the minds of the American people. True confidence comes from inside not from something outside of ourselves.

This technology is your inner confidence booster!

I will be presenting a LIVE workshop on Sat, Feb 21st. If you feel called to attend this live event then I welcome you! This is the first time this technology is being presented and the price is the lowest it will ever be!

To find out more register for the introductory audio up and to the right (directly under the picture of Dr. Joe Vitale and myself!)

Feel free to tell your friends…especially if they live in Houston or anywhere in Texas 🙂















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