Welcome To Awaken The Artist

Whether you are at the beginning of your Awaken The Artist journey, a seasoned & creative artist and/or entrepreneur, graphic designer or somewhere in between I am pleased to welcome you.

We are on a continuous journey to awaken the artist that lives inside our heart at deeper and deeper levels.

My path has been curvy, long and challenging and I hope to inspire you to move closer to your creative and artistic dreams and desires wherever you are.

Nine years ago after selling my ergonomic business I was led down a new adventure and I never would have believed I would be calling myself an artist and helping other creatives and artists to evolve their art – yet here I am doing just that.

It took me a few years to figure this next part of my life out and I did not come out unscathed, but I am more peaceful than I have ever been and create art like I never imagined.

And after two years of caring for my mother I have learned much more about life, people and my calling. Once I was told that I can speak from many angles and the truth of that has become much more apparent in recent months.

Please browse my site and make yourself at home. If you would like to receive regular artful musings from me in your inbox, please sign up in the box to the right.

Much Love, Light and Art!!

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